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Ria Heystek
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Great home school organization info along with virtual school info.

Home Made by Carmona: Chore System for the Kids We are using this. Of course, we may never get to utilize the "Work for Hire" section as Jack will have to finish his regular chores first.

Consequence Cards for kids by SallySuesShop on Etsy, $9.50

Consequence Cards for kids. I would eliminate double veggies because eating vegetables shouldn't be a punishment

Visual reward system to motivate children to do chores etc....when marble jar is full (or half full...parent decides) then child can choose a reward that is not always monetary. You can have the kids decorate the jars ahead of time to make it more personal to them too.

Marble Jar Reward System - the kids earn marbles for good behavior/chores and specific marble amounts can be redeemed for alone time with mom/dad, a special toy, trip etc. (Must Try Positions)

7 Discipline Mistakes All Moms Make: these are actually really good. I especially the 'why timeouts don't work for all kids and WHEN we should use them' part

7 Discipline Mistakes Parents Make.Great article and good reminder, gentle discipline equals happy Mama & kids.