Hand Crocheted Throw

Hand Crocheted Throw - for those cold nights ahead Warm cuddles

Heart Biscuits in Glass Jar 220g

Heart Biscuits in Glass Jar to go with Tea :) woolworths

Knit Pump Slippers | Woolworths.co.za

Knit Pump Slippers So warm and cosy. Love the flower at the end!

Huntress Mini Pouche | Woolworths.co.za

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Mist Scented Diffuser | Woolworths.co.za

Mist Scented Diffuser - The aroma of being a beautiful mother outweighs by far this delicate scent.

Heart You Mom Mug | Woolworths.co.za

Heart You Mom Mug best way to remind mom of much I love her is let her see it every morning :)

Wool Cashmere Coat | Woolworths.co.za

This season's style essential - the camel coat crafted from luxurious wool cashmere.

Viento Hand Wash & Lotion Set | Woolworths.co.za

Viento Hand Wash & Lotion Set - love this rose gold bathroom combo!

My Burberry EDP | Woolworths.co.za

It is funny how we always remember how our mothers smell, and what better than My Burberry

REN Rose Firming Crème | Woolworths.co.za

With winter around the corner. My mum would love to have REN Rose Firming Crème R

Triple Strand Pearl Necklace | Woolworths.co.za

Triple Strand Pearl Necklace, this is not my style but as my mom would also say "every woman needs pearls, they can make you feel like a million bucks even if they cost only 10 cents"