Downshifting Life

Downshifting your life for a better work-life balance. All about remote work in exotic destinations.
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Buying or Renting Abroad, Johannesburg is good for buying

Getting around – South African Tourism Gauteng - Gautrain Station in Pretoria.

Asia or Athens? Best Cities to Rent an Apartment. Photo by Elisa Atene

Then consider these budget destinations; Top 25 Best Cities to Rent on Foreign Shores.

Downshifting Freelancing Life. Rudolph at the Cradle of Humankind

Are you tired of the corporate grind and wish you can work on your terms? Rudolph shares his experience; Living the Downshifting Freelancing Life.

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Antalya Beach from your $225 Best Rental Destination. Photo Pixabay

Best Rental Destinations for Downshifters - NomadicYou


Polygamous cult or tiny home? Five options for you to consider, when downshifting your life.


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Time for the cobra pose with downshifting life

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