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A summer party isn't complete until you have an ice cream buffet! Some delicious ice cream dessert table ideas here including mix-in ideas.

These ice cream buffet ideas are perfect for a summer party! Who can turn down a delicious bowl of ice cream loaded with your favorite candies?

Great idea for outdoor barbecue.

Smart idea for a cookout, but with this family, i´ll need a ton.hmmm how can i tweak it?

Set up an awesome S'mores station using bucket, skewers, marshmallows etc. It's fun and your guests can make their own using their favourite ingredients.

Backyard "Campout" Party If you love to camp, bring all the fun of a camping trip to a backyard party. Pop up a tent, grab a sleeping bag, and build a campfire!


Start with a pan of rich fudge brownies. Add a couple quarts of your favorite ice cream. Cook up a couple batches of some outrageously delicious sauces. Whip up some cream. Fill bowls with a variety of crunchy and gooey toppings.

Sprinkles childrens party ideas kids, birthday cake, pancakes, cupcake, popcorn.

Does your kid love sprinles? Try doing a sprinkles themed party. Add sprinkles to birthday cake, pancakes, cupcake, and popcorn.


Cupcakes with small marshmallows arranged on top to resemble popcorn. Cupcake cases from Pink Frosting. Movie night or popcorn night