Mia v.d Merwe

Mia v.d Merwe

i love photography,my doggies, i love summer, i love all these things but what i love the most is my band my boys One Direction <3 xx
Mia v.d Merwe
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We witnessed it??? That should be changed to we felt every moment of it

Zayn, my dear, we still support you. We will miss you in the band dearly,but your going on your roller coaster called life :) and if your happy I am too.

Hahahahahahahahahahaha Oh Harry!!!!!!!!!!

You know you're rich af when. You also know youre Harry Styles when.I worry for his heath sometimes

my heart

when Liam said our brother zayn I broke down in tears. let's face it we all did

psh yes

So, I'm not the only one?<<< Nope>>>dude I was the same way<<< but I kept my mouth shut about it because I knew if I said something, I'd get my head ripped off>> actually me tho.

Actually the kpop fandom can do the same thing, besides crash vevo since Korea doesn't use vevo, and we can't talk to strangers

If there were a One Direction history book, this day would deserve its own chapter! #NoControlDay

probably one of the best days of my life. i felt so proud of me, the boys, and my family (fandom) for accomplishing it

Sorry we kept it a secret guys xxx. In fact, I'm dating Niall Horan and he doesn't even have a clue about it!

I can't stop laughing XD>>>>I'm sorry I had to

Oh my lord that is tooo funny. I mean im not that against taylor but hahahah I'm laughing harder then I should be! Lol>>>>>> when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell


First of all, we're idiots for quoting or liking Zayn. Sure, Zayn is being a shit but I should still pin pictures of him.