There are fields of sunflowers, grown for their seeds and oil across the Free State, South Africa, in Summer.

Top 25 Most Beautiful Yellow Flowers

Sunset field of sunflower, Buenos Aires, Argentina.when we were in Poland there would be fields of sunflowers just like this picture. It's amazing how large they grow!

Jacaranda trees about to bloom again in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Jacaranda in full bloom, Spring in Johannesburg, South Africa. Same jacaranda trees lined the streets where I grew up in Southern California.

Agapanthus are indigenous to South Africa.

Beautiful flower considered to be a noxious weed in Victoria, Australia. Can take over the garden, but lovely when controlled.

Ixia - an indigenous South African beauty.

The vast majority of the flowers that I grow from bulbs are in a single family (Iridaceae) and originate from a single country (South Africa). This Ixia is but one example.