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Aircraft Wings View Photography

Aircraft Wings View Photography - wing of and Airbus - note the wingtip fences. Boeing's have clean wingtip (i.e nothing on it), or winglets blended winglets Next Gen, BBJ) or raked wingtips

Emirates A380

Glass cockpit - All instruments in a screen Avionics- Glass cockpit Glass cockpit avionics are a class of avionics, which uses light indications and/or screens to indicate all the parameters and indications needed for the operation of the aircraft.

I want to be a pilot! Flying from Dubai straight home. Proud to be and American. Nothing like touching the soil of Freedom.

A Boeing (Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 14 nations, apparently crashed somewhere in the south Indian Ocean on 8 March There is no confirmed report of any flight debris or of a crash site.

A good way to start the week

How I need to live: Having no expectations leaves lots of room for surprises and little room for disappointment. Always be appreciative and let people know it.

Dolly Is such an inspiration and this shows you that you should never let go and everything thrown at you is only making you stronger:)

storms make trees take deeper roots. I am the tree and the storms are the problems and things that occured in my life. But I fought through the storms and took deeper roots.

Commercial airplane climbing after take off in the sunset, via Flickr.

Male prejudice against women drivers appears to extend into plane cockpits as well, according to a survey. And in another blow for equality, the poll showed