Mariska Engelbrecht

Mariska Engelbrecht

Mariska Engelbrecht
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Fucking proud of being weird. You basic bitches cannot compete. HAHAHAH MY LIFE MOTTO! excuse the language but this is great!

oh man

Words of wise people - Ali (RA)


"All these open windows. But no fresh air." – cute, witty poster for Earth Hour

i hate you more than slow internet

150 Gorgeous Fashion Images to Pin Right Now

well, fuck.

love fashion hipster tattoos ink mens fashion hot men hot guys beards love of my life mens style i love beards inked men beautiful men inked guys long hair guy handsome ones des-bonnes-reasons leas yeux au ciel

hipster couple

He loved watching her.

soft-focus couple kissing, hand on face

Too funny!

men are fuckers…too funny.but true, men are fuckers


well, not so much when I hear my mom talking about me on the phone; more so when people are talking about me in my presence lol