Vista Grande – by Marc Crumpler ~ Contra Costa County, California. Photo by Marc Crumpler.

South African Bobotie

Bobotie revisited

Bobotie is a classic South African dish of gently-spiced ground meat full of raisins which is then oven-baked with a layer of savory egg custard on top to form a crust and keep the meat moist. Tradionally it is served with Yellow Rice.

South African Cape Brandy Pudding/Tipsy Tart (I like the sound of that!) cook

Cape brandy pudding (tipsy tart)

South African Cape Brandy Pudding/Tipsy Tart ♥ I'd use maize meal instead of the plain flour to make it GF (PB) I

In en om die huis: Kondensmelk Tipsy Tert

Tipsy tart met Gecondenseerde melk Kondensmelk Tipsy Tert Oond 180 gr C. 300 ml gekapte en ontpitte dadels, 125 ml gekapte rooi cherries, 1 t koeksoda e.

My favourite curry pie or samosa filling.

I use this curry mince mainly as a pie filling. It can also be used as a curry puff filling or just served simply with rice or bread.

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