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Liza de Magalhaes

Liza de Magalhaes
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Local Cat Is Already Sick of Summer School

Local Cat Is Already Sick of Summer School Classes only just began last week in the summer session at St. Bartholomew’s High School, but already a local kitty named Marianne wants them to be over.

Baby Lion and Ocelot-I can't handle the cuteness!

"Baby Lion and Ocelot" . so true. This reminds me of another lion cub and a leopard cub I once worked around. The lion was big and talkative. the tinier leopard cub was always stalking and sneaking and up to something. Lots of fun.

A study confirms that cute pictures of animals will improve your productivity.

Kittens 2013 Wall Calendar: These playful kittens will keep you full of warmth and joy all year long! This stunning wall calendar for 2013 features a dozen