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John Howe and Alan Lee's concepts of the Dark Lord Sauron--- don't know where to put this one. Art board cause it is sick artwork, or nerd board cause I am one.

Eye of Sauron Cake.

Eye of Sauron Cake - Created by by Cakes by Erin. “This cake features Dark Tower of Barad-dur, also known as The Fortress of Sauron. The Dark Tower was over 2 feet high. The bottom cake is modeled after the One Ring.


Gorgeous Tree of Gondor shirt - Want ----Just got it! Think Geek! Best place to get geeky shirts/merch!


One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and into fandom bind them, In middle earth where the fellowship lies. ( them ) the countless slightly obsessive fans everywhere that will always love Lord of the Rings.ME

Lord of the Rings themed

All right, while on the subject, "Lord of the Rings" inspires cake makers like you wouldn't believe. I NEED THIS CAKE!

lord of the rings

This is one of those read things that explain that Frodo is actually a very strong character. Even though people say the opposite. You saw how quickly Boromir was taken by the ring. Frodo, in my opinion, the mentally strongest character in the book.