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The Butter Infographic. Why Butter is good for you. This diet lets me drink tons of coffee and allows (in fact, it encourages) me to add butter to all my foods. On top of that, I lost 4 pounds in 6 days. I'm definitely sticking to this one!


The Bulletproof Diet Roadmap is a great way to start making yourself more Bulletproof, melt the fat away, help you focus, and stay energized - all day.


The Complete Illustrated One Page Bulletproof Diet (Upgraded Paleo) (via Chuah Bulletproof Executive)

Spices and Flavorings

Spices and Flavorings

Fruits and Veggies!

Paleo diet menu, your guide to paleo diet food; paleo diet recipes that eventually lead to paleo weight loss and help you live healthily.

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