Only in South Africa!

Only in South Africa! Looks like it could be Bela Bela / Warmbad off of Hoofstraat/ Chris Hani Road - Only in South Africa Ineed. :) Sweet little felllows these warthogs, but can pull a nasty bite if threatened.

South African Humour

Awesome Homeless Signs Awesome and hilarious homeless signs.


A funny drive thru toilet sign saying stay in your car in this potty comedy pic and humorous urinal plaque to laugh at.

Community service - to pull you out when you get stuck in the mud!

Trail owner having a laugh: Ngepi Camp, Okavango River, Caprivi, Namibia.

Fasten your "Bra-straps" ladies, bumpy road ahead! If you have dentures, please remove them too...LOL! (Signs in Africa).

photo gallery: funny signs from around the world - warning fasten brastraps and remove dentures very bumpy road ahead

South AFrican Roadsigns - seen a few of these.

The government of the UK - on its official government website gives travel advice to its citizens who plan to visit South Africa. Reading it gives an interesting perspective of how our country is viewed by foreigners. Here is some of it.

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