Leana de Villiers

Leana de Villiers

Somerset West, Cape Town / South African Artist Leana de Villiers and avid hobby photographer. http://leanadevilliers.com/
Leana de Villiers
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Tomato bredie recipe | South African recipes | Cookbook.co.za

tomato_bredie (We don't eat lamb or mutton but this works just as well with beef - just cook it slowly for longer)

Painting Tip: Before varnishing your painting, make sure to add an isolation coat. This is the layer between your painting and the varnish, so you can remove and replace the varnish over time.

What is an isolation coat? An isolation coat is a coat between your finished painting and the varnish. It is transparent and creates a physical separation between the varnish and your painting. This is key because otherwise the varnish will

*Crispy German Potato Pancakes - Just add a dollop of sour cream or applesauce.

Crispy German Potato Pancakes Recipe 2 egg 2 tbsp all-purpose gluten free flour tsp baking powder tsp salt tsp black pepper 6 medium potato, peeled and shredded cup onion, finely chopped cup vegetable oil

Twix Cheesecake Pie

Heavenly cheesecake pie made to taste like a favorite Twix candy bar! Sugar cookie crust filled with smooth cheesecake and topped with a thick layer of Dulce de Leche and milk chocolate ganache.

South African Recipes PORKSISTERS (Stewart Elsabe Fourie)

PORKSISTERS (Stewart Elsabe Fourie) A different take on koeksisters… Pork Sisters! Ideal for a braai (bbq)!

Pampoenkoekies met stroop, >Baie van ons maak pampoenkoekies as 'n bygereg, maar tradisioneel is dit as nagereg voorgesit. Dié resep met die soet stroop kom van Susan, die ma van Herman Lensing, SARIE-kosredakteur.

Pampoenkoekies met stroop, Baie van ons maak pampoenkoekies as 'n bygereg, maar tradisioneel is dit as nagereg voorgesit.

Best recipes in world: FRENCH MEATPIE

FRENCH MEATPIE Pie crusts for two pies rustic potatoes-cooked and mashed-plain 2 lbs ground beef 1 lb ground pork 1 large onion diced 1 tablespn Poultry seasoning 1 tspn ground cloves 1 tablespn butter