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Chiara Anna..Nella luce della verità..toccami il cuore in silenzio..fallo se puoi girare..come pianeta nell'universo..dove tutto ha un senso..dove tutto rimarrà..nell'infinito mistero

Neon Photography- playing with realism and traditional perceptions using colour-Jourdan Miller by Maggie West for Zink Magazine


It is much more important to be contented and peaceful than to be intellectual. ~Carl Jung, ETH Lectures, Page (Dustin Cantrell Photography Work)

Sexy sheer boho chic summer top  modern hippie crochet boy shorts  gypsy style layered necklaces. For the BEST Bohemian fashion trends FOLLOW now.

Boho beachwear- not your average everyday bikini- Femme Fatale crop top & crocheted bottoms sold separately- Free People- May Catalog.

Ведьма из Диких Земель

forest maiden, fantasy, medieval Photo Nightfall by Alexander Smutko on ------ This reminds me a little bit of Over the Garden Wall! The lantern at least haha

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Re-did Jessica Rabbit. I'm leaving it in black and white for now just until I actually find the motivation and interest enough to finish colour it in. Jessica Rabbit - B+W