Kirsten Pretorius

Kirsten Pretorius

Kirsten Pretorius
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Blondie baby fur seal on South Georgia, Antarctica. Photo taken by Ron Niebrugge on our recent Antarctic expedition.<<<< so cute!

Always adopt, never shop and support your local shelters and rescue groups.  You'll be saving a life and it might be your own.

Catahoula mix << Theyre so awesome! I love there coat pattern, but I wish it came in different colors. Oh well, that one color is pretty enough

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Ownage - DaddyDad, I got my boyfriend pregnant...YOU WHAT??!!!!?!?!?!?!?  Young lady, you get home right this instant!!! You are grounded! No Tv, No Phone, No Internet, NO BOYRIEND...Lol, Dad..THIS ISN'T FUNNY!!!!!!Wait for it..Oh.

Wondering how much of a buttkicking one would receive in that hangtime.