Taryn Kershaw
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"Triangle Symbol Design Hers Ring Band" uh, This is clearly the deathly hallows symbol, just upside down.

Love this idea.  Feathery, but not.  Would ve a good base to add everything else I am thinking.

This is the prettiest pattern I could find so far. I would like to change the shape - a bit thinner, so that it kinda looks like a wing

Zeichnungen Bein-Tätowierungen and Tattoo-Ideen on Pinterest

tendril tattoo, perfect spine tattoo idea maybe thinned out a bit so it fit properly and then add roses in a couple places

Infográfico mostra onde estao os cenários de Game of Thrones no mundo real - Blue Bus

your game of thrones travel guide (infographic) .it would be cool if down the road, after the series wraps, they would create a got-location tour. something akin to what they do for lotr in new zealand. it could get creative quickly. possibly asoiaf the