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One of my favorite shows of all time and with fall coming up that means a whole new season of the Dunphys, espcially Phil show is the life blood of the show. Enjoy these Modern Family TV Quotes. See more modern family quotes.

One direction / engaged / duh! XD

Niall Horan Imagine lol have the same one for josh hutcherson!niall and I planed our wedding but we did not tell anyone he told me not to tell anyone WERE GETTING INGAGED he will tell you guys the Details soon! Please don't crash our wedding!

One Direction

the boys have been pushed around and have been disrespected by people who call themselves their fans. But these people don't deserve to be considered fans. The boys are people too and deserve some respect.

"Best Song Ever," One Direction lyrics

Lyrics to 'Best Song Ever' by One Direction. / And we danced all night to the best song ever / We knew every line, now I can't remember