Jacaranda Tree Tunnel, Sydney, Australia - Where was this? But certainly, jacarandas are a beauty in Australia.

"At an African waterhole I waited for the moment when a kudu passed behind an elephant to frame both as examples of different mammalian forms." frans lanting

I chose this image for shadow and reflection because Elephants are my favorite animal. I love how the Elephant is reflected in the body of water that he is standing next to and also, how the sunset creates his silhouette.

South Africa

An Amazing Tour Through South Africa's Most Popular and Worthwhile Travel Destinations. If you look on the map at the southernmost tip of Africa, you’ll find yourself looking at a small but remarkable country.

.miss South Africa

Mom and baby, so sweet. She keeps it close to her front legs, Her breasts are behing her fron legs. It's the safest place for a baby elephant for mom to protect it. They're such loving mothers. It's a joy to just watch them.

Traffic Sign #SouthAfrica

When you go for a walk in Saint Lucia, South Africa, and suddenly this sign.

Steers to open in London next month

Steers to open in London next month

Cape Town Festival of Beer, Cape Town

Cape Town Festival of Beer, Cape Town