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Describe how our minds are a bit like monkeys. They’re mischievous. One second they’re sitting in a tree; the next they’re running through the jungle. Our job is to notice when our “monkey minds” have wandered off and gently bring them back to their tree.

Starting your own tutor business? Here is a comprehensive list of tools and websites I highly recommend for building and optimizing your tutor business.

Taglines for Tutors. Looking for a way to spice up your flyers or website? Check out this comprehensive list of taglines written for tutors!

Taglines capture a potential client's attention. Use these marketing tools on flyers, brochures, cards, online.Anywhere you would like to draw attention to your business.

Free Amazon Download for Apr 22 2013 - Become A Private Tutor: How To Start and Build A Profitable and Successful Tutoring Business by Victoria Olubi, - Tutoring is a 5 billion dollar industy. If you are the kind of person who loves learning new things and thrives when showing other how to reach their "AH HA" moment, then this is a must read. Build your own business in Tutoring.

Free Kindle Book - [Business & Money][Free] Become A Private Tutor: How To Start and Build A Profitable and Successful Tutoring Business

Advertising Your Tutoring Business – Strategies That Work. The Tutor House

Catchy Tutoring Slogans 35 Good Catchy Tutoring Company Slogans Brandongaillecom, Write A Tag Lineslogan For Tutoring Service Freelancer, 49 Catchy Dance Company Names Dance Company And Catchy Slogans,

Tutoring Resources (Contract, Payment Register, Planning Sheet)

In this free file, you will find a Tutoring Contract, Payment Register, and Planning Sheet. Feel Free to Modify these as you see fit!

Prepper's Survival Hacks: 50 DIY Projects By Jim Cobb

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