The Homework ~ Simon Glücklich – Polish-born German). Every parent is a home-schooler . This painting reminds me of my homeschool days. The lonlieness is something I am can fairly relate to this girl. I like the old timey setting the artist has set. Paintings I Love, Beautiful Paintings, Oeuvre D'art, Love Art, Painting & Drawing, Art History, Amazing Art, Art For Kids, Art Children

Simon Glücklich (1863 – 1943, Polish-born German)

pintura de Simon Glücklich (1863 – 1943)

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Using the latest technology in the classroom - the radio!

“Health Stories Book Two” of the Curriculum Foundation Series; Scott, Foresman and Co. 1934. Authors Anna B. Towse, Florence E. Matthews and William S. Gray. Illustrated by the following artists: Hildegard Blumenstiel, Studley Burroughs, Donn P. Crane, L. Kate Deal, Gordon Ertz, Keith Ward, Harold K. Welch, and Milo Winter.

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Past Print

Past Print looks at printed material from the last few decades that I’ve collected over the years. As a publication designer I always saved anything that I thought was well designed or interesting visually, especially first issues of magazines and paper samplers. As well as these look out for Annual Reports (Orange Bowl Corp, Potlatch Paper, Domino Pizza) magazines (twen, Eros and Avant Garde from Herb Lubalin) books and an assortment of other printed material.

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In The Classroom by Karen Elizabeth Tornoe - Hand Painted Oil Painting

Karen Elizabeth Tornoe In The Classroom hand painted oil painting reproduction on canvas by artist

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Вместо эпиграфа: - Вы плохо учились в школе? Я так и знала, что вы - бывший двоечник! - Оставим в покое моё тёмное прошлое. Э.Рязанов, Э.Брагинский «Служебный роман» В своих картинах на школьную тему любил изображать