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Roasted Cauliflower and Almond Salad with a Tahini-Cumin Dressing Hands down one of the tastiest salads I have ever created! Roasted cauliflower and tahini are a match made in heaven… Add some crunchy roasted almonds, a hint of cumin, a few greens – …

Keto Smoothie Recipe with Avocado, Chia Seeds & Cacao by @draxe

Keto Smoothie - Have you heard about the ketogenic diet? It's possibly the best diet for weight loss help prevent disease. My keto smoothie is an easy way to get started.

9 Chia Seeds Benefits + Side Effects by @draxe

Research has found that the chia seeds benefits are even greater than we realized. They& been linked to healing diabetes, digestive health and more.

5 Low-Carb Fruits That Are Super Good For You

If you're embarking on a low-carb diet (or just looking to find a sweet treat that's lower in sugar and carbs), these five fruit options can't be beat.

Keto egg muffins

Handy muffins that you make before hand, also for those who don& have the time to eat breakfast at home. Convenient to bring along and popular with kids. This is true low-carb breakfast simplicity.