Gallery: Desirable indigenous garden - IOL Lifestyle |

Gallery: Desirable indigenous garden - IOL Lifestyle |

Pictures: zest, zen and Zanzibar - IOL Lifestyle |

Pictures: zest, zen and Zanzibar

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Stylist and designer Mia Widlake's Joburg home showcases a love of all things anthropological.

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Kay Montgomery has some advice on pruning your roses.

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The cooler, sunny days of May have been chosen to showcase Durban's Kloof Conservancy's main fundraiser.

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Growing an indigenous garden is rewarded by visits from birds, bees and chameleons, writes Jeanne Viall.

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Spring: One living room, four seasons, four different feels - bossy color in The Washington Post Magazine, Mike Morgan Photography

Getting back to their roots - IOL Lifestyle |

An allotment project is enabling flat-dwellers and city types to grow vegetables and herbs, providing a welcome escape to .

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Kramerville has become Joburg's trendiest design quarter, a one-stop solution for your home. Helen Grange went to visit.

Mix and match the green of the Irish - IOL Lifestyle |

Green can be cool or warm, recede or come forward, be used in a mass or as a focal point, says Kay Montgomery.

For different fare, visit Stellenbosch fair - IOL Lifestyle |

Plants with an unusual history and exotic and indigenous flora are all on show at two local plant fairs.

Getting water-wise while the heat is on - IOL Lifestyle |

Choose plants for your garden that can survive droughts and water curbs, writes Kay Montgomery.

Pictures: Feast for the eyes - IOL Lifestyle |

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It's still hot, so make the most of your garden and patio. Helen Grange looks at trends in outdoor living.