INTJ Female

INTJ Female

Cape Town, RSA
INTJ Female
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Retards - we all know one. Picture of two owls with ones head amusingly cocked to one side. Hilarious captions of funniest, cutest and stupidest animals. More pictures of catz, dogz and other funny animals added daily.

Sometimes, well a lot more than sometimes. INTJ thought.

I Want You To Know That Someone Out There Cares. I care more about you than anyone else. You are my world and my everything, you are apart of me and I will never be the one that makes you sad.

INTJ women.... rare and disappearing.

The INTJ personality type is one of the rarest and most interesting types – comprising only about of the U. INTJ females are especially rare – just

And I tell you I don't even believe how much I love you........ INTJ women

So true. You& made me into a better person. You& calmed me down so intensely. A serious girl, when she finds someone who calms her spirit and quiets her busy thoughts, will love you fiercely, it will defy even her own logic and reasoning.


INTJs make up about of the population being the rarest of personality types. INTJ females are even rarer being only I have the great privilege of being one of them.