Delight your crew on this lamb stew

I like more lamb in this flavourful dish of my mother’s, so I would probably use of lamb knuckles. But I can swear to the taste of this hearty stew. Ingredients 2 lamb knuckles 2 on…

Roast shoulder of lamb with garlic, lemon and parsley dressing

Robert Carrier is a master chef. I first tasted his roast lamb back in the Seventies and it made an indelible impression. This comes from his Entertaining, a classic cook book. 1 shoulder of lamb

Bean and Beef casserole

Here to help is Cooking from the Heart, a cookbook series sponsored by Pharma Dynamics.

All praise spaghetti bolognaise

All praise spaghetti bolognaise

Humpday dinner sorted – you’re welcome

Place pickled brisket or corned beef in a large pot for boiling with a couple of onions, bay leaf,…

Sage and chicken can do no wrong

There are many types of stuffing, but none comes close to this sage one, which is excellent for roast turkey too. This is one of those recipes of a little bit of this, and a little bit of that, whi…

Tummy-rumble apple crumble

Ingredients 5 cups of pared and sliced tart apples (with of water and lemon ju…

You’ll want to reserve a seat at this party

Here’s how to impress your guests with three gorgeous courses that will leave you with a stress-free and delicious meal. Starter – Crostini (easy to prep) Ingredi…

Reinventing the cheese and tomato toastie

A good toasted cheese sandwich is unparalleled. It truly is the comfort food songs could be written about. Nina Timm, from Ea…