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Heinrich Eksteen
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20 Unusual Ways to Use Vodka.  Who knew there was anything more than drinking it!  Bug repellent, fabric freshener, bandaid sticky remover.  Vodka is AMAZING!

20 Unusual Ways to Use Vodka. Clearly u would have to live in the States where vodka is cheap to do all this. But I knew vodka was nature's perfection.

It’s official: LG starts mass producing flexible displays for smartphones - LG’s plastic-based 6-inch display is just 0.44 millimeters thick and weighs 7.2 grams, making it the world’s lightest OLED display of its size. The panel uses film-type encapsulation to stop air and moisture from damaging the sensitive OLED materials. | Android Authority

LG Display has announced today that it will start the mass-production of flexible OLED panel of for its curved display smartphones that will launch next month. LG Display wants to bring innovation to the smartphone market with these cutting-edge panels.

The hop-suitcase follows you around.

For those who tire of dragging a heavy piece of luggage through the airport, a new hands-free suitcase will do all the work for you.

snap.  Sooooo cool

The Canon Snap concept is a look into what a future device might look like. The Snap is tiny enough to wear on your finger yet powerful enough to give today’s bigger cameras a run for their money. The single button interface makes it easy to take a pictur

The Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger - Hammacher Schlemmer  This one's for Simon!

The Hand Crank Emergency Cell Phone Charger - Hammacher Schlemmer - This is the charger that converts one minute of hand cranking into bursts of emergency power for a connected cell phone. For emergency calls. This would be awesome!

The Virtual Keyboard - Hammacher Schlemmer

The Virtual Keyboard - Hammacher Schlemmer This is the Bluetooth device that projects a laser-generated keyboard onto any flat, opaque surface, providing an instant keyboard for any iPad, iPhone, or Android phone. The Class II laser device generates a