Songs that are used on our program but can be used by anyone teaching children in Sunday School, class, church or Good News clubs.
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"Be a Missionary" song video

This song will encourage children to tell others about Jesus and become a missionary in their own neighbourhoods.

This song will help children to know the way of Salvation through 5 different colours – the song is called “The Wordless Book song”. Enjoy learning the song .

"That's Grace" Song

We are all saved by Grace! Enjoy this song that speaks about this wonderful Grace!

" We were made to love the Lord" Song

In this song the children will learn of certain animals and why they were created! They will also learn why we were made - to love the Lord!

Song: "Do what's right"

This song will encourage children to do the right things and show them it is not so hard to do the right thing!

"Creation" Song

This is a fun song to teach children about the 7 days of creation and what God created every day! We know you will enjoy learning about creation with the chi.

Song: "I want to know Christ"

This song teaches children about Jesus Christ and what He did to save us from our sin – it encourages children to sing along and confess: “I want to know Chr.

Song: "There is Victory for me"

This song will help children to know how to have victory over sin everyday, through faith in Jesus Christ.

Song: "Yes I Can"

This song will help children to know all the things they can do through their faith in Jesus. With this song they can learn how to say with confidence: “YES .

Song: "The Lord is my Shepherd"

This song teaches children that God is our Shepherd that watch over them like a shepherd is watching over his sheep.

"Trinity Song"

Sometimes children get confused when we speak about God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit as the Trinity – in this song they will learn what it mean.

Song: "Jesus Loves me this I know"

“Jesus Loves Me this I know” – this is something we want every child to know. Through this song they can sing it out that Jesus loves them no matter what!

Song: "Jesus is the Great, Good News"

This song will teach children about Jesus being the Great, Good news! Enjoy this song!

Song: "Have you any fear"

This song teaches children they do not have to fear because God is the Shepherd that is near to watch over them like a shepherd is watching over his sheep.

"He is God" Song video

This song teaches our children that God is the One True God who is also our One True King. Enjoy singing this song praising God with the children.