These are the best of South Africa!

Baking and Mistaking: Chocolate-Covered Honeycomb Candy <--- my mom LOVED this stuff, dark chocolate. Too sweet for me mostly but making it yourself you could do it thinner for a higher chocolate to honeycomb ratio.

Some South African money

South African Money Worksheets

Reason : Animal themed money :Rand the South African Currency

Baobab fruit, SA

A Bunch of Baobab Fruit, southern Africa (used in drink products and contains nutrients such as Vitamin C, iron and calcium). Copyright of PhytoTrade Africa

What South Africans miss the most

The foodstuffs we are told ex-pat SAfricans miss the most. Miss mielie meal.

African Humor

African Humor (That's the spirit!

Eish! South Africa.

Old Git's Funnies: Funnies for Thursday

Africa, Traditional firing of Isizulu ceramics in KwaZulu Natal, Ukufusa.

Only in South Africa

Road signs house - in South Africa. now thats living green!

Toys out of someone else's rubbish :) Johannesburg, South Africa No lack of creativity here.

Boys in Diepsloot Township, Johannesburg, South Africa play with handmade draadkars, toys made of recycled parts and disused items, Photograph by Candy Chang.

So familiar!

My mom made me eat lucky star fish fir breakfast every morning before school. I miss South Africa.