Don’t be intimidated by cooking seafood at home. Good Housekeeping’s quick and easy recipes will give you all the confidence you need!
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Braaied Prawn & Peach Kebabs

Braaied prawn & peach kebabs

Braaied prawn & peach kebabs - very tasty & unusual - definitely one to do again .

Baked Haddock Risotto

Baked haddock risotto

Cooking this risotto in the oven means there’s no standing and no stirring involved.

Steamed Fish & Vegetable Parcels

Steamed-fish- and-vegetable parcels

Lemony Crab Linguine

Lemony Crab Linguine

Potted Crab

Potted crab

The perfect started or side dish. For a spicier pot, add more chilli and Worcestershire sauce.