Modern Architecture and Beautiful House Designs

Neat house... :) It looks (relatively) cheap to build, and like it would sell for a LOT. I wonder what kinds of super cool designs could be done, better than this, that could be affordable enough to give ordinary people a really nice house. Let's start wi

18 Breathtaking Cabins to Fuel Your Cabin Fever

You know, just your garden variety quaint little vacation home. I swear Id start home-schooling the boys if we lived here so wed never have to leave (and everyone knows how much I want to be a homeschool mom, which is about as much as I want ebola virus).

Faith & Frank walk into their new house, about a year after the kidnap attempt. Faith has just found out she's with another boy. His name will be Evan. Ethan has a friend, now! "Let's unpack this place!" Ella yells.