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Eugene Pieterse
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The Creepiest Thing I've ever read

You Will Never Be This Creeped Out By Anything In Your House - This could be an interesting story idea. That's scary


That's all I want! All I want is for someone to look Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch) in the eye and say NO SHIT SHERLOCK.


Giraffe baby sitting up on mom giraffe's neck looking funny and scared.

Chuck Norris Gmail account

s Email assault Email@ . chucks second email? Chuck just chuck no website or anything just chuck Chuck norris gmail s Email assault Email@ com chucks second email? just chuck no website or anything

hahahaha so true.

My brother used Luigi. He was the younger sibling. I'd use Mario (I'm oldest) and my other brother (Middle) would be Mario if Toad wasn't on the game.

Well played Pixar, well played.

This is a collage of images from different Pixar films with the famous Pizza Planet truck Easter egg. I chose this collage because I love the Pizza Planet truck, they are biggest Easter eggs in Pixar's library of films.

Sums up my day...

One of my worst childhood fears in this picture, kiddy pool or not. Never swim near the drains in pools because that's where sharks come out of.

Undeniable logic

The word 'phonetically' doesn't even start with an f. Shit like this is why aliens fly straight past us.