Phone my mom lots of times without any money: 1 1 2 2 3 3 ;

Mosaic, Candy Store, Chocolates, Retro Candy, Childhood Memories, Sweet Memories, Retro Sweets, Vintage Sweets, Chocolate Sweets

sugus / childhood/ remember this/ onthou / kinderdae/ lekkergoed/ candy

Drive-In Movie Sound System.Speakers at the drive for your for the car on the other side of you.what fun it was! Not so much fun to drive away at the end of the movie with the speaker still clipped to your window!

The good ol' drive in! Many a child was fathered in the back seat at the drive-in.

maynards sour balls/ remember this/ suur balle/ childhood/ kinderdae/ onthou

Sweets, Childhood, Sweet Treats, Belfast, Northern Ireland, Vintage Items, 80 S, Nostalgia, Drinks

Future Generations Will Never know About This Unique Relationship.

Carpet, Father, Pai, Rug, Rugs

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