Boer Republics and English Colonies before the Boer War - South Africa

Pakenham’s very thorough history of The Boer War reads like a novel and I could hardly put it down. In my mind that puts h.

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Boer war circa A British infantry officer (left) and two "Bitter-enders." (Could be Christaan and Hendriksen.) From "Boer Wars by Ian Knight, Osprey Books, 1997 UK. Color plate G.

Louis Botha - Anglo-Boer War

Boer War Louis Botha, Commander-in-chief of the Transvaal Boers, fighting with impressive capability at Colenso and Spion kop. After the fall of Pretoria, he led a concerted guerrilla campaign against the British.

The Anglo Boer War in South Africa

Boer Wars Boer soldiers at Ladysmith, South Africa, circa 1899

Anglo Boer War

Great Anglo-Boer War, Part II, in the Cape & the British response to the Bitter-Enders Insurgency

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