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Pretoria  ·  The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday
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Against bullying. Repost on most popular board.<<< Not my most popular board, because I don't usually do those repost things. I figured the caring people on this board would appreciate a pin like this one.

This is her Self harm jar: Each time somebody re-pins this she'll put ur name or ur @ name in the jar, each time she feels the need to cut or self harm she'll pull a name out, remember that person and not cut

self harm jar: when anyone pins this picture I will add your name into the jar. Every time I feel the urge to cut I will pull out a name and message you thanking you for keeping me strong.>>>>>this isn't for me,it's for another girl

I want everyone to share this!!!!! If it was your kid you would want someone to share it!!!!

I want everyone to share this! If it was your kid you would want someone to share it! Share it every person/random strager!:'( xx ty for the supprt n help everyone ily!