So, You Want to Make an #INFOGRAPHIC

So, You Want to Make an Infographic? The process behind infographics: insight into how the Department of Energy's creative team plans, designs, and publishes work.


It's Social media's impact on the job search. Make sure you are taking advantage of social media for job searching, finding mentors, and career growth.

This nifty chart shows the emotions that brands seek to elicit through their logos. / These Mind Blowing Infographics Will Change The Way You See Your Favorite Companies

These Mind Blowing Infographics Will Change The Way You See Your Favorite Companies

Color Emotion Guide Brands and the colors used in their logo. what emotion does each color in the logo implicate

The concept of holding a center piece which is visually dominant, allowing a center point for informationt o draw off, create movement and alignment through the poster. Allowing the viewer to become engage with the work and information, allowing them to absorb the information and both read and address the desired message- target audience addresses the message and objective.

Proposal on mobile trends in the UK. This was the first among several proposals for Upstream back in A neo-retro look.

I chose to pin this infographic, because I dont think it's successful in communicating data to the viewer. While there are avliable stats, they are small and not laid out in a way that simple for the eye to interperate. Examples: the world has percentages displayed around it, but not there is not an easy line to follow to see those, like a pie graph might have.

SEO Infographics & Icons

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InfographicMonday: Wat doen we zo allemaal online? | Marketingfacts

Social Media - Infographics Social Networking at Work. Interesting that some believe employees are happier and more productive at work if they have access to social network websites.

Infographics - What is Inbound Marketing #michigan #marketing #advertising #video #SEO

Inbound Marketing - 5 Steps to Increase Traffic & Convert Leads Into Customers - Inspiring Infographics