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The other week, 100 Layer Cake featured a beautiful cake from Hey There, Cupcake! that I shot on their Black Cake Ideas post.

What Is Your Spirit Animal

I got The Sloth! What Is Your Spirit Animal? You got: The Sloth You’re as cool as a cucumber, and you love to go with the flow. Your favorite activities include eating, sleeping, and eating again. Your rap name is Sir Naps-a-Lot.

Another happy sloth ~ was just talking about sloths today with my niece ~ ALW

Perhaps the most important piece of advice: Figure out your best camera angle and work it.

How do these cute baby sloths match up to their toys? Compare them here!:

I can guarantee you don't have enough sloth toys in your life. With our list of 13 sloth toys, you'll find a toy that gets you. Without wasting any more time, lets take a look at our top 13 sloth toys: