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Reflection is part of our Process     Image by Anish Kapoor

A new sculpture by Anish Kapoor 'Tall Tree and the Eye' is displayed in the courtyard of The Royal Academy on September 2009 in London. The Anish Kapoor exhibition runs from September 26 to December 2009 at The Royal Academy.

A trend we live by.

haha love the term.


Selected photos on : Freeze Light - VI Hard rain by David Keochkerian Infinty by Rashid AlRomaithi Inferno (Dante) by Michael Murphy RGB UFOs by Jeff Sullivan FIRE CIRCLE by Gökhan Saymaz The Fairy Ring by Stephen Emerson

A saying we love

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. I love that Einstein always emphasized imagination, creativity, and curiosity.

All you need is a little imagination

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