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Go to Burning Flipside- Modeled on and loosely associated with Nevada's Burning Man festival where they burn Art works, etc. but in Austin, TX :) ----Done!

300 ton crankshaft from the most powerful and largest diesel engine in the world.The Wärtsilä-Sulzer two-stroke diesel straight cylinders, engine speed revolutions per minute, Horsepower=

Beretta Shotgun & Musto Shooting Coat with RC Cartridges by Threedi, via Flickr

Beretta Shotgun & Musto Shooting Coat with RC Cartridges by Threedi, Awesome Detail

Would love to see this

The space shuttle Endeavour, perched atop a specially-modified NASA 747 jet, approaches Los Angeles International Airport last week. The retired spacecraft will be towed to its new home at the California Science Center.

Spruce Goose - Craziest 10 aircraft designs

"Spruce Goose" or the Hughes Hercules, made only one flight on November Built from wood because of wartime restrictions on aluminum. It is the largest flying boat ever built. It now resides at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, USA.

GLORY. These pics are A-MAZ-ING. Ahh, seriously one of my favorite feelings.

Aircraft Wings View Photography - wing of and Airbus - note the wingtip fences. Boeing's have clean wingtip (i.e nothing on it), or winglets blended winglets Next Gen, BBJ) or raked wingtips

rest for the eyes

Aircraft carrier - Peaceful sunset - The silhouette above the nose of the plane looks like a countried grandpa gone fishin'.

Lost WWII allied aircraft in New Guinea

Lost WWII allied aircraft in New Guinea. note really sure you can call it 'lost' when there is a pic, but.