Crystal Linde

Crystal Linde

Johannesburg / Love food, old movies, books, and art. Bands that make me dance. Make up, make up, make up. Weird things. Dogs. My sweet boys. Chocolate. Yes, mmm.
Crystal Linde
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Hurt people, hurt people. -Rick Warren

I have hurt alot of people in my life, until I fixed the pain buried deep inside me.but unfortunately it is too late for me to fix some of those relationships.

"Cuando supones lo peor de tus hijos, lo peor será todo lo que frecuentemente verás. Cuando asumes lo mejor de tus hijos, ellos tenderán a vivir bajo tus expectativas. Supón las mejores intenciones y las mejores motivaciones para desarrollar la mejor relación padre/hijo." L.R.Knost

Respect is a learned behavior just like any other, and children learn it best by imitation just like they do with other behaviors. Teach them respect by showing them respect and by showing respect to others in front of them.

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Jehovah knows us

Aproach the Father Jehovah in prayer. He has the job of sorting all things out and making ALL things new, again.