Lisa Firer's beautiful porcelain - photo Mark Williams

[CRAFT+DESIGN] Lisa Firer's beautiful porcelain will be appearing in 100 Beautiful Things at the Design South Africa's Pavilion in CApe Town April 2014 photo Mark Williams

Lisa Firer - Porcelain clay, oxide monoprints.

lisa firer design is a ceramics artist and designer that works with the uniqueness, organic forms and magic of translucency that hand built porcelain develops through the making and firing process.

Lisa Firer vases


these are supposed to be vase - but I think they could be quite interesting as a small sake choko

Lisa Firer » sacred mezzuzahs

celebrating my religious tradition, low fired terracotta, oxide and glazed cases to hold sacred scrolls.

Lace Vases by Lisa Firer

Lace vases hand made for Deep Dark Africa by Lisa Firer.

Lisa Firer

Lisa Firer

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