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Cayley Van Coller

Cayley Van Coller
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How To Make A Stylish Acrylic Wall Calendar | The House of Wood | Bloglovin’

Easy DIY Wall Calendar Idea: Dress up your home office and learn how to make a stylish DIY acrylic calendar with a few supplies from the hardware store. Tutorial by Jen Woodhouse.

Shelf with leaning framed photos and string lights

I like the idea of having a simple shelf above the head of my bed. This would work with the idea of the box lights instead of a headboard - they could hang down from the shelf! And that shelf could hold all of my most treasured books!

Shadowhunters TV Show News, New Character Art via Thanks to @tinaliatum...

Jace Wayland coming in 2016 . Lets just talk about this for a minute. TV series Jace is way cuter then Movie Jace. But I think they both do a wonderful job of playing Jace!

A Writer's Heart: TV Movie Review: Once Upon a Time ~ Loved season one until RED, when things got dark fast. Skipped a few episodes, but decided to continue this show. Continues to be violence and evil villains, but nothing like RED again thus far. I adore fairytales, so just ... eep! Still skipping things here and there. No real inappropriate scenes, but immorality is alluded to with some characters. I think the Neverland season has been my favorite season so far! :)

An amazing TV series mainly focusing on a young woman - the Savior - and how she is supposed to save the town. A great retelling of fairy tales.