Cats of Claridge: Blitzy's 4th Birthday :)

Hey everybody, it was Blitzy's "birthday" on the and we baked a cake.okay, we were also just feeling for cake ;) I baked it and m.

Cats of Claridge: A Baby Tortoise :)

This morning, Oom Peet found a baby tortoise in the field. Do you perhaps know what tortoise he/she is? I've got no clue!

Cats of Claridge: Puppy Learns From Papa :)

Anyway, the puppies will be 4 weeks old on Friday night/Saturday morning and I thought I'd j.

Cats of Claridge: Puppies Progress and Playfulness :)

I am extremely sorry for the loooong wait! We have been busy with our studies a.

Cats of Claridge: Update

Cats of Claridge: Update

Cats of Claridge: Sad News :(

I guess I should probably let everyone know what happened with Roxy and the pups. Apparently cats cannot contract this virus.

Cats of Claridge: Sam, Super Busy and Studying

Sorry for the long wait but it's been a busy few days! Okay, first of all, the "tortoise" is atually a turtle!

Cats of Claridge: Beautiful Flowers and a Big Turtle :)

I meant to upload a post yesterday but the signal wasn't too good and I had many photo's to put up. So, by God's grace, I cou.

Cats of Claridge: Short Update :)

Hello everyone, See, I’m being faithful with my post updates! I’ll try to update again soon because I don’t have .

Cats of Claridge: Before and After :)

Cats of Claridge: Before and After :)