WASARA biodegradable bamboo tableware

Sustainable disposables tablewear - Made of renewable bamboo, reed pulp and bagasse (a byproduct of sugar refining), the whole line is by carey

WASARA Bamboo Utensils

Japanese designed, WASARA takes single-use tableware to a whole new level. Stylish simplicity, oil and water resistant, sturdy and durable. Made from Begasse, biodegradable & compostable

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Jimmy house WASARA Bamboo Utensils -- you can balance them on the side of a paper plate for a cocktail party -- clever!

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Japanese Paper Goods (Photo: Cloth and Goods/Lisa Warninger)

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WASARA bowls are single-use, biodegradable and compostable pieces. 100% tree-free renewable materials

Japanese disposable paper bowl by WASARA

Three recipes for the festive season

Three recipes for the festive season

250ml Double Wall Coffee Cup "EcoCup" -

These double wall coffee cups are made from renewable resources and can either be recycled or composted in a home or commercial composting faci

4-Cup Carrier -

The carriers are made with offcut corrugated board and old newspapers; They are tightly packed, saving space;

23x15cm Clamshell Box -

The clamshell is made from bagasse – a waste by-product of the sugar industry. The clamshell is suitable for hot and cold foods, and is both microw