Cape Town, South Africa Info & Bookings available at

V Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa. Most beautiful, energy-filled place.

Paris, France Info & Bookings available at

One day I will travel to this city, go to the top of this tower, and know that I am taller than you on the ground. Well, except for those people who are also on the platform that are taller than me.

New York City, USA Info & Bookings available at

lower Manhattan including <sigh> the World Trade Center buildings on the left.

Rome, Italy Info & Bookings available at

Colosseum - Rome - Italy- This is one of the largest roman land marks left today. It is one of the greatest architectural feats ever built. The Colosseum was filled up with thousands of people and was the center of Roman entertainment.

Barcelona, Spain Info & Bookings available at

Parc Guell – Barcelona, Spain This park is filled with the wonderful architectural pieces from master architect Antonio Gaudi. The park is located in Barcelona, and it was built between 1900 and

Florence, Italy Info & Bookings available at

Florence, Italy Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore After seeing the Duomo from all sides, climb to the top of the cupola! Built by Filippo Brunelleschi 463 steps Giorgio Vasari's frescoes of the Last Judgment up close.