How does your garden grow Made to order succulent vertical garden felt plants arrangement custom (by miasole, on Etsy)

distorted chevron is the new chevron!

Broken Chevron Wood Wall Art in Art by Wood & Paper Co. on Scoutmob Shoppe. A beautiful broken chevron pattern dyed on an original wall sculpture handcrafted from reclaimed wood.

La marinière s'adapte même sur les murs. Deco murale originale. Noir et blanc

DIY Masking Tape Wall Mural for Kids (via Land of Nord) Would be really cute with washi tape

rabbit lamp

Love this take on the bunny lamps! Ceramic Bunny Rabbit Table Lamp with Light Up Tail

Tribal patterns. Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. | ceramic design studios

Domino shares floor tile ideas for your kitchen or bathroom if you're considering making an investment in new floors. Try a beautiful tile pattern for your kitchen or bathroom inspired by ideas from domino.

Mushroom Composition

how cool are these chocolate mushrooms? this is candy! complete with chocolate stems - candy sweet colorful wild mushrooms / a by andiespecialtysweets, (via handmadecharlotte)


Sir Hopsalot - Easter bunny rabbit, handmade from quality sheep wool

Spring with Sir Hopsalot, white jumping bunny, whimsical art doll from natural sheep wool - from Etsy - so CUTE


Find home projects from professionals for ideas & inspiration. Fabulous, Enjoy en Stoer behang van onszelf by onszelf

Marina's Birds — A collection of ceiling and tabletop lamps in the form of birds from fajnodesign

Marina's Birds, A collection of ceiling and tabletop lamps in the form of birds from fajnodesign

What an adorable idea in lighting. Marinas Bird Lamp by Oadone come in many styles from ceiling to tabletop lamps. Available in a wide range of materials from wood to glass, these little chirpy cuties are sure to enhance any design style.