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Van Dammes Daughter Is A Huge Badass And Also Kinda A 10

Jean-Claude Van Damme was a huge action star in the and as well as a damn good looking dude. Thats important to point out, seeing as his daughter is now surfacing in the media and she too is.

Russias New Missile Means the Nuclear Arms Race Is Back On

Team Putin is talking up fearsome new hardware that could accelerate a nuclear contest not seen since the Cold War.”> Russia has a new nuclear missileone that Zvezda, a Russian government-owned TV.

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups Filled With Reeses Pieces Is Now A Thing  Find Out When The Yummy Creation Will Hit Stores!

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Filled With Reese’s Pieces Is Now A Thing Find Out When The Yummy Creation Will Hit Stores!

Can You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

This feature requires JavaScript to function. Gleaming towers of steel and glass form the vast machine of industry. You are a cog in the machine.

Rare Drone Footage Captures Whales Hunting Down And Grabbing A Shark

A drone has caught an unbelievable chase off the coast of Australia. The footage shows a pod of false killer whales stalking down a juvenile shark in water

10 Reasons Why Too Much Ego Will Ruin Your Life

We sometimes let our ego lead our lives until it somehow destroys it. There’s a big difference between confidence and ego. Confidence is , ego is destructive.

How To Spot A Killer: 35 Relatives And Friends Of Murderers Reveal The Red Flags

“He was a really nice guy, but I remember seeing him maybe once or twice a year just snap and go to this other place in his head.