Random Inspiration #37

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Random Inspiration #39

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In my dads shoe closet was the first place i learned how to tie my shoes. I remember my parents got tired of having to tie my shoes so they showed me how to tie my shoes one time, then put me in the closet and made me learn by myself how to tie my shoes.

Closet Space

I can remember squeezing into.my walking closet when I was married can't say it was all bad being able to grab a glance at her or a accidental rub on her but this would help

Cool Masculine Walk-in Closet Ideas - Interior design - If you are a man who loves to look elegant all the time, you will certainly need a walk-in closet.Such a closet will organize all of your items in a unique way

Dress Bold by Rimadesio. Slatted doors define this walk-in wardrobe, with shelves, floor units and wall panels made of melamine-finished larch wood treated with a coal stain. ­rimadesio.it

STORAGE Wardrobe with coplanar doors by Porro design Piero Lissoni, Centro Ricerche Porro