I enjoy wearing a concert black dress shirt with black dress pants when I'm hitting my favorite bar on a Friday night. Tip: Dedicating some time to shining your shoes is a no-brainer, but don't forget about shining your leather belt once in a while.

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Follow me on instagram @RockStarKing be sure to like, repin or follow any of my boards on here :) Thanks So beautiful. When we were in Afric, there were so many of them that we soon stopped taking their photos...they were everywhere! More

Brad Kroenig Fronts Brothers' Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign

Bryan would love this! All black. Sexy, classy, clean and dramatic without stealing the spotlight from the beautiful bride. Will also look brilliant in photographs of the bride in white with the groom in black.

Marchesa Resort 2015 Trunkshow - Moda Operandi

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black macarons...super stylish party food for a fashion,art school event or sophisticated black and white ball,wedding or chic halloween party...cool,gothic ,spooky and sweet ...see everything does look sexy in black...must work out how

Did you know that zebras are not white with black stripes, but black with white stripes? The ground color in embryos is black, and the white stripes appear later in development in areas where the deposition of melanin pigment is inhibited.

Like the idea of using cartography/topography to create flow throughout tattoo or even to implement it into the base of the tattoo so there's not an abrupt ending to the sleeve. (n.d.). Retrieved January from

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Impala Skull w/ Horns

Brilliant backing for the bed that gives strength and serves as a headboard. Love the soothing colours and oh dear, how happy I am to see a bedroom chandelier that is finally not right above the bed!