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Sasuke Uchiha - Idk why but he's just super hot here. Like he's gonna go kick some ass

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Fuck yeah I love Tim burton and Naruto and Sasuke look so fucking cute as Jack Skellington and Victor Van Dort XD Hinata and Sakura look pretty kawaii too :3

Naruto andHinata: Jack and Sally Sasuke and Sakura: nightmare before Christmas and corpse bride and Naruto.

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SasuSaku with Kakashi, SaiIno, NaruHina, Karin etc (i would want this as the movie poster for a SasuSaku movie) Artist: 十二★弦

Naruto, Sasuke & Naruto

sarahmint: “carrinth: “ Naruto Chillin by carrinth Bro!Sakura has got their back covered. Alternative scene to Naruto (Scrubs reference lol) ” That would have been so so sweet!

Naruto Meme

Read Dont touch them. from the story Funny Naruto memes COMPLETED by Kaka_the_baka (Broken 🥀) with 744 reads. Never disobey Naruto when h.

Naruto || manga funny

"you're gonna leave de damn village over my fucking dead body, and I warn you I'm immortal, cuz in 800 episodes I've saved myself over and over again, so you're fucked bitch"