Carien Kotzé

Carien Kotzé

I am Batman. And your argument is invalid.
Carien Kotzé
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A watercolor by Adolf Hitler

A Watercolor Painting Artist: Adolf Hitler (yes THE Hitler) (See parents, there are worse things your child could be doing then going to art school.

Facts about history, intersting history information WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts

WTF Facts : funny, interesting & weird facts

So good for reality checks if this is true. Presidents and prime ministers should have this whispered to them by advisors today IMO

Kidnapping in the USA is done mostly by family - WTF fun facts- Not sure exactly how "fun" of a fact this is, but still interesting.

King Tut- ifk how accurate the product pf insest was unless the minor his father impregnated was his aunt. But he did marry his step-sister though. And he did have a clubbed foot

Research shows that that these characteristics ran in the family, and that Tutankhamun’s parents were definitely siblings. (In ancient Egypt it was believed that incest kept the bloodline pure.